Dance music is my passion since I was very little. I spent my teenage weekends listening to new sounds, the latest releases and different types of djs. Every time I go clubbing I try to study the dj, reading and learning how he deals and interacts with the crowd.

I try to tell a story every time I’m performing, ranging from different types of sound and not focalising only on one, this is because I like to explore and surprise the crowd.

Seeing people dance and having fun is the best satisfaction a dj can have.


Winter Mix 2017
  1. 1. Winter Mix 2017
  2. 2. Mix April 2016 – Cuffiaz
  3. 3. Cuffiax – February 2016 Flavours
  4. 4. Cuffiax EDM Melodic Mix
  5. 5. Cuffiax EDM Hard Mix
Ay Mix // All
  1. Ay Mix // All
  2. Winter Mix 2017 // All
  3. Mix for Alski // All
  4. Wedding Demo // All
  5. Ol Skool RNB Demo // All
  6. Jungle Demo // All
  7. Garage Demo // All