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Skeennah, a producer and Dj hailing from London town, specializing in Dance music.

His first taste of dance music, came via his elder brother, introducing him to the sounds of ‘Electro’ music, imported from New York United States of America. The sounds, the fashion, the break dancing, was a huge influence on the sound that shapes Skeennah today.

It wasn’t until Skeennah went to college, that he truly emerged himself with the sound of Hardcore music, and it’s transition into Drum and Bass. It was at this time that he got the chance to grace the now seminal Technics 1210 decks. It was at college that he picked up the skills to become a Dj, and pursue a career in music, Dj’ing at various London clubs.

Throughout the years, Skeennah never turned his back on the sound of dance music. He has followed all the emerging scenes, that were spawned by the Uk. Drum and Bass, Uk Garage, Dubstep, and House music.

Skeennah always has his ear to the underground, he would venture to clubs such as Fabric, Ministry, Coloseum, The Arches and alike , as clubber, in order to ascertain, what sounds were doing damage on the dance floor.

These field trips would then enable him to go back in the studio, and produce music that would then translate onto the dance floor.

Although he produces many types of Dance music, his main focus is in the style of Deep Tech House.

His style is upfront, underground dance music, that has an energy, to keep you on your toes.

With Skeennah, you have a clubber, producer, and Dj, who will give you that Triple impact, one way or another…….