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Best Photographer in London

Francesco Carlucci

Photographer / Cameraman

My name is Francesco Carlucci, I’m a video producer and photographer. In the past year I worked in several technical and artistic fields (pre-production, production and post-production). Over the years I had many local experiences and collaborations with Italian and International televisions and also production companies. In 2014 I decided to move to London, where I made my first steps in the production of music videos, which have been released by VEVO, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony Music. I believe that motivation is the key for success. Working hard to get to your objectives is the only way to achieve results.

Photographer in London

Lorenzo Perrelli


I’m a photographer and producer. I made many documentaries and features videos for various media around the world (televisions and websites). Currently I’m in London where I produced advertisement for different brands and, also, I take photos of parties in clubs and pubs around the city. With my team we edit with Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premiere and Edius.